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Racing service

Frame setup

From the balance to suspension, MD is in charge of all


Fuel MAP, engine brake, TC ... 


Give sense from data for a better understanding of the bike


MD have a huge database with a lot of fast riders to work on riding analysis

Racing Service is the race service of MD RaceLab which corresponds to chassis / electronic settings and driving analysis, thanks in part to data acquisition.


Thanks to several years of experience in competition, we were able to recover a large amount of data with very fast drivers on many tracks in France and in Europe.


So we have very good references to adjust our motorcycles and optimize the riding style of our riders.


We work on all motorcycle brands without exception.


What is data acquisition? :


  • It is an electronic device to be added on a motorcycle that mounts easily on racing harnesses because a special socket is provided for this purpose. It also mounts on original loom but it takes longer.

  • It allows the recording of several data: throttle, brake, front and rear suspension, electronics, speed and GPS position during the driving session.

  • So we know exactly what the driver is doing precisely at every corner of the track.


The advantage of data acquisition:


  • Data acquisition is used today by all professional riders, but contrary to popular belief, beginners also have a big advantage in using an acquisition system.

  • Thanks to our references and our experience, we can show the rider quickly where he is losing time and where his riding style is correct.

  • Thus the progression is much faster than with a coach or other because the rider knows exactly where there is a problem and especially how to correct it. It is easy to say today where the rider is wasting time, but it is much harder to find a concrete solution. Data acquisition allows this.

  • The chassis and electronics adjustments are much more complete because we are not only based on the rider feeling but also on the data analysis.

  • The engine maps are much more optimized than on a power bench since they are made on a much wider "Lambda" data range and under real conditions. We have developed tools to optimize maps for sprinting (optimal performance) and for endurance (fuel economy: up to several laps per stint in addition).


MD RaceLab can also work without data acquisition based only on the rider's feelings. Even aa beginner rider is able to feel differences in settings and can orient our choices easily. This solution is suitable for roughing up the settings of a new motorcycle or a motorcycle that has never been adjusted.

Even if an adjustment is valid for certain conditions, our experience allows us to make the right choices and find the best compromise for the rider.

We use a chassis software who is ZERO CHASSIS by ZEROONE RACING that we recommend (


MD RaceLab, official partner of 2D by SIGMALIS, recommends using 2D products for their quality and performance.

We sell the whole range of 2D products in the French sector.

We also have a complete 2D part stock at all times which allows us to react quickly in the event of unforeseen events.


We don't work exclusively on 2D acquisition systems, but it is on these that we can truly harness the power of data acquisition.

Software skills 

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